Some Crafty Business

by juneberrystar

My father, over the last couple years, has been encouraging me to part-take in art fairs or craft fairs. Unfortunately, paying for the application is hardly the largest expenditure when preparing for an art fair. I couple years ago I had applied and got in despite the fact they never gave me a spot and cashed my check. It was moot when it started to rain and I was without a tent to protect my work. So over the years my father has given me pieces to setup my work. If I had enough work I could definitely start applying but I don’t. So its a process in the making. Who knows if I work really hard the next few months I might? Here are the things he has bought me over the last few years:

This is Dorthy my mannequin. I named her because she has a crack along the side of her heard that was there when my father bought her. I have two just like her still in their boxes for safe keeping but she does a nice job displaying my work. I don’t always feel she is the most photogenic but when its just me needing to document my work she is a huge help.

This Christmas, he purchased this tent for me. Now i believe there isn’t a window in the back but these things are essential when trying to be apart of an art/craft fair. If the weather is windy, rainy or just miserable this can really protect you and your work. Along with this, my father purchased these messy hanging walls that you can secure from the top of the tent to hang your work. So what was nonusable space is now usable space.

Lastly, a few Christmases ago he bought me three wire racks. When you tie them together you can make a free standing wall in the middle of your space. I think this summer we will do a mock setup with everything and see how it looks.

Now, since I have quite a few key pieces for setting up for an art/craft fair it has given me some inspiration to thinking about the things I would want. A lot of my knit where is usually earthy or decorative winter wear. So it would be nice to have an old wooden pedestal or podium  for keeping a cash box and personal items, a few end tables to lay work out and a small hanging mirror for customers, an old wood beer box for patterns or shrink wrapped photographs & one of those credit card swipes that plugs into your iphone. Nice long list huh? hehehehe.