by juneberrystar

I’m sure you have no idea what that means. Its fine. Its not completely arbitrary but my life is now officially micromanaged around this number. Or on Friday this number might be 1.9 or maybe even 2 but for today it is 1.6. Next week it might even be a 3. About a month ago I found out I had blood clots in my lungs. To regulate this from happening again the medication I am on thins my blood down to these numbers. I have to stay between a 2 and a 3. This is exactly how I feel right now. Micromanaged down to numbers. It has to be this way right now but I never expected it to represent the rest of my life. I trying to find a new job. I have three at the moment: two part-time jobs one internship. 2 to 1. I am starting the job search process which could actually be fun and find the best fit for me but I’m feeling rushed and it has me worried. I’m not in the liberty to pick and choose what works best for me with the economy. So I’m limited to these numbers. The only breaks I feel are the ones I get spending with friends but because my time is so limited right now I even have to pencil them into my iPhone…. Now I feel like I am micromanaging my friends… sigh not as relaxing of a summer as I had hoped…

This isn’t my x-ray but you get the idea.