Oh my goodness!! Oh my goooodness!!

by juneberrystar

Lately since I have been trying to loose weight I have been enthralled with climbing movies either fictional, documentary or based on real events. Anything and everything but the very extreme movies I have a tendency to watch before bed…. SUCH A HUGE MISTAKE!!!! I can’t believe how INTENSE James Cameron’s new film is. It was like watching Vertical Limit all over again but below ground. So cool!! I mean really the man sank a ship and saved a planted filled with blue people I’m not sure what I expected but I loved the movie. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen. I wish I had seen it in theatres. To really get the full experience I think the view would want to feel like they were right there with them but I always seem to get tunnel vision when I’m watching a movie. You know what I mean where everything else seems to disappear around the screened and you are sooo pulled in you forget that you are at home on your bed with your knitting. Forget the knitting… its not going to happen while watching this movie.