Don da don a don da don a

by juneberrystar


(Above is my sister’s cruiser. I totally wanted it to look like my sister’s cruiser because it was so cute and comfy to ride. So the picture of her bicycle is above and mine is below.)

Wahoo!! It’s done! Isn’t it beautiful? I love my new bicycle but now it has a wonderful basket as well. It took me about a half hour to assemble but I totally feel like Dorthy from “The Wizard of Oz” now that my bicycle has a detachable basket that could almost fit my dog pepper. Hehehehe how wonderful is that?

It has a wonderful little bell, standing drink holder, light on the front and the back of the bike, a new bike lock that’s five feet long and a rubber squeaky toy. 😉 yup a rubber squeaky toy. You totally want one.



To top it off we had a tornado warning this evening with a bright red sky… How strange the first day of summer. It was the longest day of the year and it had been dark before the sun went down… Sigh… Where’s my sun shine? Tomorrow I’ll post the damage from the storm. We lost a small tree at the front of my parents house and our neighbor had quite a bit down as well.