Baking with Betty

by juneberrystar

I think I want to explore baking some more. Last week for Ravinia I baled with Julia Child. This week I baked with Betty Crocker. I make Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies. That is my name for them not Betty’s since I substituted chocolate chunk semi sweets instead of the regular kind. I still think they could be sweeter but I think that they weren’t due to the fact I had used old fashioned oats instead of instant. What can I say? I’m still learning but I think if I keep exploring I’ll eventually get it. I think next week I will Bake with Martha and see what she says.


I also did make another berry galette for Ravinia tonight since my father decided not to. It’s very yummy and though it continues to erupt like a volcano with berry juices it isn’t as bad this time. Despite all this I’ve lost a total of seven pounds and have kept the weight off. How exciting!


As I was searching for a image of Betty crocker I found some images of a barbie looking woman from the Fifty’s but see what I found.


Then I found this article. I think I found a new twist for baking with these great women and expose who they are.