I think if I keep working at it

by juneberrystar

Lately I have been working at finding a job. I have three part-time jobs but it would be better to have one job with enough money to either receive benefits or be able to pay for health care. Right now I can’t afford my health care and its extremely cheap for health care. On top of that I wouldn’t be able to afford rent on my own, tuition debt and any repairs on my car because lets face it… its had a hard knock life. So I’m on the job hunt for a creative leadership position in the arts or close enough to it to be happy. I would love a job that was involved with the community its in or a gallery space I could help run. I don’t feel these are lofty expectations but they are with the recession. In the mean time some of the places that I have come into contact with that are quite amazing and deserve some recognition for everything they are doing for the community.

Deerpath Art League
Mainstreet Waukegan
Lake County Art League
Illinois Arts Council
Inuit Gallery
Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Historical Society
ArtSpace Waukegan

There is still a sizable list of places I haven’t checked out in the area that I still plan to contact but I recently joined Monster.com and LinkedIn which I’m hoping will help the search. I’ve sent out a few resumes and applied to a handful of jobs. I must be being picky because I’m not finding what I was hoping for.