Dear Hart

by juneberrystar

One thing I haven’t talked about since I’ve started this blog is some of my mix media art or primarily my photography. I recently graduated from the University of Iowa with my Master of Art in photography so one would assume my thesis work was in photography. I have some really great ideas that I want to start photographing but going down to the city can be cumbersome by myself. So I just need to figure out the logistics of it all. Really I just need to take the train down to Chicago with my camera and photograph what I need for these projects. In the mean time I thought I would show you some sample pages of a book I published on titled Dear Hart. I’ll include the artist statement so you can get a better idea what its about but here is a sample of images.

Events in our lives may alter us for better or worse and make us unsure of how to navigate our lives. My Dear Hart Series is a collection of photographic images and sculptures representing the time of transition in an altered life, a time when you find yourself unsure of how to navigate. This representation is done through different mediums yet with the same theme. The series questions the known by creating a collage of unexpected images using mixed media art with a layering of colors, patterns, a mixture of paper and sculpture to find the image that represents a pivotal moment.

The deer is an iconic image of patience, wisdom, grace, love, creativity, spirituality and growth. A male deer can be referred to as a ‘hart’ instead of a stag. Many cultures use the image of an animal as a totem for self-exploration through hard times or into adulthood. The title of the series is a play on words signifying a message passed on to a loved one conveying their importance in our lives. The silhouetted deer stands in the foreground of a constructed world that is unattainable and at first glance: perfect and peaceful. When we are faced with these moments in our lives they are just as fleeting as spotting a grazing deer in the woods. One glance and it is gone through the brush and we are left with a sense of awe. This collection of artwork is the exploration of finding a way back from the in-between when life takes you on an unexpected turn and you need a guide. It is my goal to find a balance between the uncontrollable real world and the controllable imaginative world.