Happy Independance Day!!

by juneberrystar

Today is my holiday. I am claiming my independence today and here it is! These snoz berries taste like snoz berries. lol sorry watching Super Troopers. I found some really great pictures because of Pinterest for this holiday. I have to admit I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be able to spend fourth of july with some special person. The one time I dated someone over this holiday and we were in the same state: I was working. 😦 I think most people feel this way about Christmas but the last couple years one of my best friend’s has come to my family holidays and its been wonderful. I think Christmas and Thanksgiving should be shared with as many friends and family as possible. But for some reason sitting under fireworks either by myself or with friends has always left me a little empty. I can’t explain it. Something romantic about it and I’m not a very patriotic person.

I thought these two photos were just beautiful and really represented the holiday. Also if this holiday hadn’t snuck up on me I would have made this next picture. I think it would have been amazing but I don’t really know how to bake a cake and I don’t really know who I would make it for. My friends are amazing but we aren’t really doing a picnic type thing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!!!