FO: Bowery St.

by juneberrystar

Though this project is old I recently took some Fourth of July images with this bag. The images I had before were really crappy and I didn’t have someone wearing the bag either. The name is from a street located in Boston but I picked the color for this bag from the blue hydrangea color my sister picked for my bridesmaid’s dress. What can I say the color just stuck with me. I’m not a fan of taking project pictures in my home without proper studio lighting or bright white light. Most homes have a yellow lighting even if you don’t realize it. An entirely light blue room can look slightly green if you aren’t careful. This is why most of my images are taken outside due to some of the limitations I have. Yeah yeah I know you are thinking “Hey Jill why don’t you take the photos inside during the day?” yEAH I’ve tried that but then you end up with this middle muck, as I call it, with extremely low contrast and a lack of color. I LOVE color. LOVE. Most things I knit are based on the color I’ve chosen. Its a very large factor when I’m buying yarn but thanks for your impute!

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