Rediscovering what my phone can do

by juneberrystar

I’ve been playing with some of the techniques my iphone can play with when photographing. I think I own every possible application there is to have for photography on my iphone 4. I promise you this phone will change your life should you decide to get one. I have been having a lot of phone doing posts on the go with it but I don’t have this gallery setting on my application. I enjoy taking photos of graffiti but I have been wondering on how to make them a little different. Maybe this is the way. Change them either in photoshop or on my phone when I take them. I can take panorama and shift tilt images as well. I have some actual photo projects in mind for this summer that I haven’t had time to get to yet. I would of course tell you what they are but until I have formulated exactly what I’m doing or have already started I’m always afraid someone will take my idea. Yes I don’t trust you with my brilliance 🙂 just kidding!!