It all ends here

by juneberrystar

I’m sure that for the next two months everyone will be talking about this. To be honest its unavoidable. Originally I watched the movies. I don’t even think I saw the first one in theaters. I must have. And just don’t remember. I started with the first three movies and was sold with Gary Oldman. Completely sold on the series. Only to be pleasantly surprised by how much better the books were. I’m one of those people that is extremely resistant to overly popular things. Time and time again Harry Potter has grown on me and I’m happy and sad to see it all finally end. No one has to fear of there being a spoiler alert because if you love Harry Potter like so many people in the world you will just go see it for yourself. If you don’t you’re an idiot and don’t have an appreciation for young adult literature but that’s your business I’m just saying. I think what I have been able to take away with me this fine late evening (or early morning) is a sense of awe. I drove home, listening to the new Coldplay song “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” on the radio, came home, did a load of laundry and folded what was in the drier, washed my face and contemplated what I would write to you. This is what I came up with: To watch it all finally unravel before me and be some what satisfied with the quality is a significant feat. Thank you David Yates. You did good. Now I must finish reading the Hunger Games series so I can then move on to Sookie Stackhouse series and then reread Harry Potter.

ps…I have every intention of going again next week and watching it all over again…