Oh Merde I’m Trapped in a Box of Yarn!!

by juneberrystar

For the next indefinite amount of time I have started a new project. Since I have limited funds and have moved in with my parents I need to find ways to conserve money while I job/save for an apartment. OH THE COLORS! OH THE COLORS! I am currently drowning in yarn (tucked tightly away in my storage unit) and something NEEDS to change! I want to introduce you to my new revolution: Can you knit your way out of this box? My friend Eliza gave me this idea and I’m sure its stemmed from her 30 for 30 project posted on her infandany wordpress. I am challenging myself and anyone else who is willing to challenge themselves to knit their way out of one of their stash boxes. So each week I will try and post my progress for each project and get your opinion. Now there is an addendum to this project since I occasionally have people ask me to make them things I will continue to work on those projects. Especially since I already started a shrug from one of my friend’s weddings and two scarves for my friend. I will keep this extremely limited but Christmas is coming. Happy Hunting!

Oh if you have any other suggestions on project names let me know~~