by juneberrystar

I haven’t talked much about what it’s been like living at my parents because I am friends with most of my family on Facebook. I think when you write this much on a public blog, you need to censor yourself and watch what you write. I can tell you it was nice while my parents were away to spend some time alone. When I’m here I don’t feel like an adult and I’m sure that’s how most people feel when they need to move home after finishing school. I’m just lucky there is enough space for me to be here. The point of my comment was to talk about my parents garden. Every day they were gone I took care of the garden, flowers & pepper. I have to admit I don’t have a green thumb but I’m learning and I’m pretty sure I over watered everything (including my dog pepper, hehehe). Doing these things made me feel like an adult again: growing my own food, taking care of my dog, maintaining the house. I don’t know it didn’t feel like a chore. When I get my own place I will need to plant a garden. I’ve made pesto a few times as well as a rhubarb custard pie (which was amazing) and loved feeling this resourceful. It would have been nice to go with them on vacation too.