Frog to Dolphin, Cow to Cat

by juneberrystar

If you haven’t already you need to come check out the Deer Path Art League’s Art Fair on the Square and the Lake Forest Lake Bluff Artisan Guide. We had such a good turn out yesterday everyone should come walk around downtown Lake Forest and celebrate the arts. I never expected someone from my sorority to live in Lake Forest. I guess when I went to Cornell in 2003 I had hoped I would be the only Lake Forester. Since then, I know that mind set is silly but to find an upper class man to be from the same sorority is astonishing. No one ever told me about her before and I know her father! And I saw her yesterday! I loved her glass bowls. I walked by a couple times never realizing there was a connection. Well today I will go back and say hello properly and hopefully make a new friend.


“Cottage by the Sea” was painted by Gary Stretar. The Deer Path Art League is selling a collectible poster today at the Art Fair on the Square.