FO: Too Cute to be Pink

by juneberrystar

FO: Too Cute to be Pink

This last month I was busy getting ready for huge celebrations in my friends and family’s lives (which all turned out to be on the same day). I will talk about Kat’s wedding later but right now I wanted to show you that its too cute to be pink. My sister Robin is technically my half sibling but I was fortunate enough to grow up with her in Lake Forest. Since we’ve gotten older Robin has spent a lot more time up in Iron Mountain with her father’s family and I’ve been lucky enough to do the same. Annie and Meredith are my sister’s other half siblings. So this last month I knitted my sister’s sister a baby sweater for her first baby. Its really quite exciting because Meredith is the first out of all of the sisters to have a baby and I wanted to do something special for her. I remember growing up and being jealous that I had to share my sister with these two other girls when I got her all to myself but it really has been quite amazing getting to know them and being welcomed into their family.

ps- (just so you know this is the first sweater I’ve ever made)

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