The work that is me

by juneberrystar

There has been so much going on lately its hard to catch up…I would tell you about the hat I knitted for Paul or you could just go back to this previous post FO: Waiting on a Superpower. I could also tell you about the garter that I knitted for Kat…but that can also be found here at FO: Really “I do!”. I almost sent you that post twice but…I saw it coming and have deleted it. You know you are laughing at me. Anyway what I wanted to put in this post was to show you some of the project pictures I’ve been doing. Of course I am more then willing to do this for any of my friends for free or for a beer but mainly at the moment my friend Eliza Jarvi and I have a very good system down. I usually give her my knitted things to model and allow me to take pictures and in return I photograph some of her projects for her as well. The pictures below are from her project remnants of the day.

ps- I adore this scarf but I don’t have enough scraps of my own to make it 😦