by juneberrystar

I rarely go an mini excursions for the weekend but they seem to be greater in number these last few weekends. I went to Iowa last weekend in the small chance to run into a certain friend but they were unable to join the fun. So the PaulKat and I went to Iowa for homecoming it was so much fun. I hadn’t been drinking on Friday which was lame for me and they weren’t really drinking on Saturday which was lame for them but I hope they had just as much fun as I did getting to spend the weekend with them. There are some crazy photos on the internet already from the weekend but I got some fun shots from my iPhone during the pitcher of fun.

I love the things I can do on my iPhone these days

So once you get past the pictures of my closest friends I found other ways of entertaining myself in the back seat of the Kat-mobile. I am very lucky to have such good friend to take care of me so I can tool around on my iPhone in the back seat. Really I do love you when I’m on my phone….I need to be better about that…its embarrassing… I do try.. I lived by myself for two years… please don’t yell at me 😦

then I thought this next one looked cooler

(ps- it becomes badass when you play them together…just sayin’)