Renovations or Reservations…

by juneberrystar

So I’m trying to come to terms with my living situation. I’m actually not talking about my parents. I’m talking about my bedroom. It is so out dated at the moment. The things that are in it are things I loved when I was so much younger. I’m trying desperately to make the space my own but I’m not quite there yet. I spent a few hours, about a month ago, for my room to look like this. I love my room. The blue walls and the wood trim is wonderful but the rest of it isn’t me.

To the left you can see my mannequin that I put recent projects on to remind me of what I need to either get done or need to wrap for giving to family and friends. My father’s hat has currently become an earring rack for my long feather earrings. It works really well. I’ve added a few prints since I took this image. The one above my bed is James Christensen’s rendition of Shakespearean characters. If I ever have a child its going in their room. Its so beautiful and fascinating. Things to change are in the next few pictures.

This is my book shelf in my current bedroom. I need to box these books up for storage and replace them with my current knitting books which now live in my storage unit. The box on the top shelf is my keep sakes so that will stay but I think I could probably even give a bunch of this away.

Same goes with this bookshelf. Except I’ve tried parting with these book already and just can’t. They will need to be boxed up so I can share them with future children….though I think I’ll keep the Jane Austen collection out. (ps- my closet door has been busted since this picture so I can see into my messy closet 😦 )

This is my Dr. Seuss pot. I made it in college. The design is actually based off of a historical pot from hundreds and hundreds of years old but one of my professors (who disliked me at the time) asked me why I painted it these colors. I told him “Because no one ever does.” He seemed to really like this answer. Lol but it can’t keep living in my bedroom. I need to wrap it up and put it into my parents crawl space. The strange looking thing behind it is actually a stained glass tree I made myself. I found this window in a dumpster, broke the glass out and replaced it with my hand carved glass solder together…I guess I could take pictures tomorrow for you to see what that looks like.

This has to go. I would love to get my map framed and mounted on to this wall. It’s a huge map of Alaska. Similar to the image below but in color.

Something to remind me of how much I adore and need to move out to the Northwest coast. I just love Washington and Alaska. The map I purchased was from my kayaking trip back in 2007 in Southeastern Alaska. Life altering trip. It was amazing.

So now that I am done with my tangent about Alaska this is where I was heading. I found some really great bedding at West Elm but to purchase it I would need to pay for shipping and so forth. I’m not keen on that idea so I might need to wait till I can take a trip downtown to their shop.

This bedding looks perfect with the wood but I think it could go really well with my black iron bed as well. The bedding kind of reminds me of Alaska. Huh never realized that till just now. Unfortunately, the dark teal pillow in the middle is completely sold out. 😦 I missed out on that really pretty pillow cover. I put a close up below.

I also would love one of these throws below. I think they are really pretty with the bedding. You can see one of them on one of the bed shots above and one I’ve added below this.

Problem is… they are supposedly one of a kind so they are expensive and you don’t really know what you are going to get by ordering online. It’s better to go to the store and pick out what would best go with the bed. I figure the whole set together will be able two hundred with Euro Shams but I can forget the throw and use my current lovely blue quilt as my throw… I just love the mustard color one above. oh well. I guess this is my Christmas list since all of my purchasing is currently going towards Christmas right now. Christmas is coming early this year and I’m officially behind so if you don’t see me for a while I apologize that is what I’m doing. Till next time!!!!