The thing we are not suppose to talk about

by juneberrystar

Life is about timing. There are certain things in your life that you can’t expect for and there are certain things in your life you just have to go with. Its not all about chance or then there would be no control or order. The last six months have given me sometime to think about this. You can’t plan for a recession but there isn’t much we can do about it so you just need to hunker down, like the rest of us, and save your money. Instead of going on the streets and yelling about how unfair it is. Timing can be everything. There is a guy I like. Actually, though I’ve casually dated quite a bit since my last break up this is the first guy I’ve really liked but life has other plans, it seems, for both of us. I’m struggling to find work here and he’s finishing school and has a lot going on too. Its all about timing but the 24hours I spent with him were the best in a long time.