Down to the Wire

by juneberrystar

If you can believe it I still have two more large projects left for Christmas. I was at a loss as to what to make for my cousin. He has chosen a scarf despite his skepticism. He might be worried that sexy knitted scarves are for girls and not for the manly man. I’ll pick something nice. So far what I thought I might do is this scarf.

Its a little bit more work then I was planning on doing but if I find a nice charcoal at work I think he could really enjoy something this nice. Then he can wear  it out on the town when he takes his new girlfriend out. Ravelry Page

The next project that I need to start today and will take me through Christmas is a scarf I’m knitting for one of my best guy friends who lives out in Spain. I’ve already knitted the one for his significant other but was having a really difficult time getting into the spirit of Christmas knitting in October. So I have at least a week to get it finished.

Its very handsome and actually designed by the same person who designed the first scarf as well. I must really like Brooklyn Tweed. hehehehe Ravelry Page