Martha Stewart has nothing on me

by juneberrystar

I found a picture on Pintrest I just had to copy. It was of marshmallows skewered with a peppermint stick and covered in white chocolate. I decided to make them for my parents holiday party after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately there weren’t any children around to give hot cocoa to so something needed to be done before they went to waste. Which would be a crying shame since they are so cute….and homemade…if you can believe it the peppermint sticks were handmade in Wisconsin as well. So a lot of thought went into this cocoa extravaganza with JUMBO marshmallows.

Something had to be done. I wasn’t going to just let these go to waste and they have been well protected in a plastic baggy. I decided to figure out a way to package this marshmallow on a peppermint stick into a usable present. While I was strolling through Crate & Barrel. I found these:

How adorable. It is a couple cups worth of hot cocoa in a tiny little decorated tin! Its perfect!!

When you put the two together in a small plastic bag, you buy at the Container Store, you end up was this really awesome gift for a family with kids.