Its all about Christmas

by juneberrystar

I think you have a small idea of everything I have been doing for Christmas. So far though I got a good bottle of wine for my friend Jake, 800+ yards of Loft yarn for my friend Eliza, a forever lost t-shirt for my friend Stuart, holiday place mats for my sister Robin, homemade stockings for my Aunt Tricia, Aunt Diane, Grandma Millie and my Cousin Erin, homemade cowl/hat for my sister in law Emma, and then there is a slew of presents I can’t tell you about just yet but I think I’m on a roll. I am trying to frantically put out my late Christmas cards. I think they are adorable.

I’ve been making tons and tons of peppermint bark to go with my mother’s homemade fudge. I also have been knitting a few last minute gifts for some of the special people in my life who didn’t get anything knitted last year. Its insane some of the preporations that still need to be done for Christmas: Part Two 🙂 aka WRAPPING. It’ll get done though it always does. 😉