by juneberrystar


Christmas: part two was amazing as always. My father cooked a Xmas goose with raisin stuffing, cranberry stuffing, squash, orange dressing (for the goose) and other green veggies. It was yummy. Now in the tradition of my love of fiber that’s what I’ll talk about otherwise Christmas will go on for weeks.


I purchased hand dyed wool from the Merry Hooker.  My mother rug hooks so it was nice to get her some fat quarters to add to her collection. You can’t tell from the picture above but its five different quarters each in a different dye lot. I picked more earthy colors on purpose but I ended up buying reds and greens…. go figure.



I also made the Noro striped scarf for my father that I have named the Tourist after the Death Cab for Cutie song. I won’t go into too much detail over it since I haven’t had the opportunity to write anything up yet about it or photograph it properly. Ravelry Page


My grandmother bought me this beautiful woven scarf (picture above)  from the Sundance catalog. I’m really excited to fix my wardrobe and find clothing I will love. My mother also bought me the bedspread I asked for and my Aunt Care sent me the pillow shams from West Elm. I unfortunately brought my mattress pillow instead of my duvet so I will be returning to my storage unit for that and pillows (for the cover picture below). I’m looking forward to the new year and put the past behind me.


Lastly, I still have some presents to finish knitting. Such as the Wayfarer scarf I am knitting for my friend Jeff. Ravelry Page I also, can’t talk about this since A. its not finished and B. I don’t have any real proper pictures of it. I’m hoping that in the next week or so I can get my friend Eliza to help out. She has been busy with POPS. Please check out their website. Here is their newest Update!!


It’s turning out beautifully but it’s requiring some patience on my part to finish. I still have the other Brooklyn Tweed scarf to finish for my cousin Jason and a birthday present scarf for my Aunt Care.

Finally, my father bought me a 10x10ft tent for art/craft fairs. I think this coming year will be a lot of work but it’s time to change my life. More on that tomorrow.