In tradition of a new year coming

by juneberrystar

So my family and I are going to try and eat more healthily and exercise. Its cliche but very necessary. This coming summer we are going to the outer banks for a summer vacation and I want to feel great for that. Not just look nice but feel better. I watch the people in my life moving forward and it makes me angry. Not at them of course but at myself. Its taken me a while to figure out what has me stuck. The last four years have been rough and every time I try to improve my life something jumps in my way. Its hard on the spirit to get shoved and shoved and shoved again and be expected to get back up. Before I didn’t care. I would say that the last six months I just needed time to remember why I want to get back up and move forward with my life. I want a career. I want my own home. I want to be able to afford my debt. I want a dog. I want someone special in my life. These are things I feel I need to live a full and complete life and I’m not doing any of it. Its hard to have faith in yourself when the rest of the world doesn’t. Of course I have my family and friends support but after everything that happened at the UofI and Boston and Cornell its hard to regain that confidence I once had. So I’m going to work on it starting now.