by juneberrystar

My friend Eliza (ifandany), mentioned on her blog not that long ago that she was thinking about doing some book reviews along with her usual fashion, knitting and photographic content. Though I am not that savvy I thought it would be nice to pick up reading each night. At least a chapter if I can. You know a quick ten minutes before bed never hurt anyone…..yes yes yes I KNOW that sounded dirty. sheesh you people and your minds in the gutter. I also have a deep love for movies and a particular fondness for “How I Met Your Mother.” What brought this to my attention was in my search for a Christmas present for my friends Paul/Kat I stumbled upon “A Jane Austen Education: How Six Novels Taught Me About Love, Friendship, and the Things That Really Matter.” I couldn’t resist. I read the first few pages and I was hooked. I’ve always wanted to do a year of Austen and reflection.

Before this can happen I need to finish the Hunger Games Series. I read the first one and loved it but have only managed to get halfway through Mocking Jay. I love them so much but I am not going to be able to stand watching the movie and having not finished the series.

The reason I am writing any of this, at all, is because I went to see the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and recently re-watched the Harry Potter movie series. I find reading books to be a deeply personal experience, which I’m sure is common among a lot of people, but it usually doesn’t leave me to say much about certain books. Not when I want to keep them close to my heart. I have not read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and I doubt I will hold it close to my heart but the movie left me with this sense of awe and wanting that I very badly want to read the series now.

It was such a dark story and I’m told that the books were even more dark but the general plot line was captivating. I had the best time going out to Chinese food with Paul/Kat and then later joining Stu to go see this movie. It was fantastic. I am looking forward to my extremely diverse year of literary exploration. This past week we saw “War Horse.” When I was little I adored animal stories including anything about horses or wolves. I did not read this story but I hoped the movie would be good or at least decent. 😉