FO: Isolated Thunder

by juneberrystar

Over three years ago I started this entrelac scarf if you can believe it. I am only now getting around to taking photos of it. When I was living in Boston I started making it but there wasn’t enough yarn to finish it. If my memory serves me I then moved out of my apartment in Boston and moved out to Iowa so I never picked this project up again only to find out sometime later I forgot what yarn I used. After some serious file searching in my brain I was able to get a general idea of what I was looking for, only by the time that I tried to order it the company no longer made this yarn. After performing a miracle on ebay was I able to find the yarn and finish the scarf for Christmas last year but ran out of time to take photos. So the last year this scarf has been living some where in my grandmother’s closet with the rest of her winter things. Thanks to Eliza (ifandany) we were able to get some shots of it for my Ravelry Page.