Long Week

by juneberrystar

I’ve been really busy the last couple days so I was unable to post but this past Sunday I had a really wonderful productive day off. I love it when you feel that you are able to accomplish just about everything on the day you have the time to do it. Of course the following day off I was completely useless. At my house we have an espresso machine which is really great but recently I’ve started making my own coffee each morning to save on money and calories. My mother was really kind to be making latte’s for me but its nice doing it myself. I use my father’s french press (since mine is in storage) and grind the coffee fresh each morning. The coffee I use is roasted by Coffee by the Roast. One of my closest friends (Catie)’s family owns this business and its by far the best coffee I’ve ever had.




I just love the view from our kitchen. Its what I stare at each morning while I’m making my coffee.


On Sunday I started blocking the sweaters I bought with Eliza (ifandany). Its been a lot of work. A lot of fuzzy work but they are turning out great. All except the massive purple and blue one on the far left. I will probably have to boil it since its so thick but I’ll make it work and post some pictures of each one soon.


Lastly, I’m excited to announce that some of my knitting is being sold at the Deer Path Art League in Lake Forest, one of my photographs will be on display at the Pop Up Gallery “Urban Edge” in Waukegan and my freelance work has been doing really well. More information to come soon.