3-5 inches

by juneberrystar

When I was little I fell in love with the Lady and the Tramp. I never had any idea that as I got older I ended up dating a lot of guys that weren’t so great and in the end didn’t end up being the man of my dreams. I was never a huge princess fan…actually the only few princess movies I loved was Beauty and the Beast (Ironically similar story line) and Pocahontas but I never bought into her story because my family went on a road trip and I learned it never really happened that way…Come to think of it the thing all three of these female roles have in common is their love for the bad boy. lol. Alright, so I take it back. I completely bought into the Disney generation of happy endings but what can you do. The image above is the opening from the Lady and the Tramp. I always love how it opened like some 1950’s Hallmark Christmas card. It was always so beautiful.

What made me think of this is always when we get our first snow. Its just beautiful out there. I don’t care that its cold. I love how quiet it gets after the first snow fall. Maybe I’ll get some knitting done on my Long Time Traveler Scarf for Jeff. Maybe 3-5inches hehehe. Ravlery Page