███████ everything ████ ███ █ is █ █████ ██ fine █████ ██████ ███. ████’█ ██ ██████. The ████ ███ █ government ████ ███ ██ knows ████ ███ best █ █████ ██.

by juneberrystar

I would tell you where I stole the title of this post but I might be arrested because someone else technically posted it on facebook that wasn’t me. Opps just saying. So Yesterday I participated in the blackout except on Facebook where I posted different links about the Stop Online Privacy Act. Yesterday’s post was about participating in protesting SOPA and PIPA and today I will show you some of the links I found yesterday to help explain what it was about. It doesn’t mean much to some people but a lot of the things I talk about on my blog: music, movies, pop culture and art are all topics that could be considered copyright infringement. Now I always try to make it available where my original source material comes from such as a Youtube video, if you click on it, it will take you back to the original source material on Youtube BUT websites like Youtube will be no longer if this bill passes. Here are some of the things I found or posted on Facebook. The first being Google’s petition to protest SOPA. I use Google probably at least twenty times a day just to do research for work or my blog. Click the picture below for more information from them.

The video below is something I stumbled upon that I found to be a really good description of whats happening.

After I shared this video on Facebook look at what was sent to me:

Thank you so so much for joining the fight against SOPA and PIPA today! You are a part of the largest online protest in history.

Because of you, we really might win this fight to protect our freedoms– but we haven’t won yet.

Please, do these three things right now to make the strike even bigger:

  1. Forward this email to as many friends as possible! Make sure they watch this video.
  2. Post to twitter and post to facebook – you can also follow us on Twitter if you want more breaking news.

Thank you again — and stay tuned for more updates as we get ready for the next vote in Congress.

– Fight for the Future

I also found the video below to be very helpful and informative.

Click this link to join McSweeney‘s Portest and of course Wikipedia’s blackout click the image for more information:

Even Etsy participated in the blackout click their picture for more information:

Pintrest a huge file sharing website went on a black out yesterday:

So please don’t forget to write to your local Congressman to let them know how stupid an idea like this is and we have a right to freedom of speech no matter what the venue. Blogs like mine would be a lot more boring if I couldn’t talk about everything important to me. So please help out.