by juneberrystar

Lately I have been watching an influx of photography videos from my peers on the Facebook. I’m interested mainly because I have been using my Iphone A LOT  to post here on my blog via the large variety of apps I have available on my phone. Specifically, apps that allow me to change a digital image into an older style photograph by selecting a different kind of “film” or “filter.” Such as Instgram, Hipstamatic, Pictureshow, Photoshop Express and Pocketbooth apps but I wanted to share with you some of the other really interesting things people are putting on Facebook.

Here is a project someone is putting together where they are turning black and white images into color. Its pretty spectacular the realism the images seem to hold. I remember always wondering about movies like the “Wizard of Oz” where you can tell the color has been over saturated. Click the image above for the article. Also, Adobe has come up with a new software called Light Room. If you like photography like I do you should check it out.

This video is something I stumbled upon while looking into Adobe software to buy and I thought it was just impressive what you can do today with CS5.5 then you could with the original Photoshop Software. The videos below is kind of a mock on the video above produced by Jesse Rosten and the other by Dove. I was so amazed to find these two videos side by side. It only confirms even more the things we can digitally make can really make an impression on the viewer.