Baking with Ree in a Jiffy!

by juneberrystar

Last night I was in the mood to bake and play around with some of the recipes that I found over the weekend. One of my favorite bloggers The Pioneer Woman has started her second season of half hour episodes. I’m so excited!! I love Ree Drummond. I wouldn’t make everything that she does but most of it looks absolutely amazing. This past Saturday she had put together Berry Butter with french toast. It was such a great idea I just had to try it out.

These pictures are actually from the recipe I got from her website. I thought about taking a picture of it but after unwrapping it from the plastic wrap it just looks like a messy berry butter log. lol But overall I’m very excited to try it. For dinner Dad decided to make bean soup so he put me in charge of making the corn bread, Jiffy style. It was absolutely delicious! I followed the box and added a 1/3 a bag of frozen corn after it defrosted. SOOOOOO YUUUMMMMYYYY!

Lastly, I made some cookies. I found this recipe on Pinterest that said to use cornstarch to make the cookies rise and make them light and fluffy. They are pretty amazing. I added more chocolate than the recipe called for. I love them. I got thumbs up from the rest of the family you should try it out. The recipe is here. I highly recommend it!

I’ve been on the search for the best chocolate cookies for years now. After my grandmother Eleanor passed away I have been looking through her recipes and can’t find her chocolate chip recipe. I’m sure she probably just used the Tollhouse Cookie’s recipe or Nestle but every time I make them its not the same. I always wonder if it was just the love she put into them but I swear they still aren’t good enough. So I’m still on the search.