Eat Me!

by juneberrystar

Have you ever Googled yourself? Well I have. It’s a trip to see how much of yourself is everywhere online. I know that with this blog, my Etsy shop, my Pintrest page, Facebook, Flickr, Ravelry, a fake blog on Bing, Twitter, YouTube, my friend Eliza’s WordPress blog and Flickr page, and even OkCupid. I’m everywhere but not just as me but as Juneberrystar. I use this name for EVERYTHING I had no idea that it would be easily searchable even if Jillian Chapman wasn’t. Though after looking through Google my name is everywhere else Juneberrystar isn’t. I try to have a very clean and recognizable name for everything I do. I guess that ended up being true. What got me on this little rant is the name Juneberry. I have been search here and there about information about the plant with little success other than people just telling me its a very common plant in the Midwest. Part of the reason I have kept this as my business name is because the initials is JB (which is a nickname of mine as well). I didn’t believe them to tell you the truth. I have been looking every where and feeling like an idiot for not finding it. So here is the catch: Juneberry is also commonly known as a Service berry. I feel like I could just swear because this is ridiculous. Why didn’t anyone tell me Juneberries were Service berries? Service berries are everywhere!!! EVERYWHERE!!! I’m such an idiot. I grew up knowing what Service berries were because we have them on our property. After our renovation we even put a Service berry bush outside my window………………. I’m annoyed and relieved lol. Now I can take some photos without worrying about copy right infringement. I hate all of you though. You should have told me I was being an idiot.