Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl

by juneberrystar


My father and I spending the Super Bowl together. I really could careless about football but I love the Super Bowl. I love making an event out of some big sport (Like the Olympics) and eating terrible food. Last weekend, I watched the Pioneer Woman’s third episode of Season two on the Food Network. I love Ree’s show. She is such an amazing cook and I love watching the little tid bits of her life with her family. Last week, she made fun different things to service while watching a football game. I doubt I will make the guacamole since our favorite one we purchase at our local grocery store but I am going to make Pico de Gallo and my secret cookie recipe found on my previous blog post “Baking with Ree in a Jiffy” and leave the chicken wings to my father. I could also toast some bread and make bruschetta. I also made Julie Child’s Berry Gallette. mmmm super bowl!


I also got some more of my Goodwill Felting down so I’ve included those images.




These pants I’m going to change into lining some of my projects.

This jacket I’m going to change into Christmas stockings.


My mother was a way at a Rug Hook Retreat earlier this weekend

and brought back these fat quarters for my Goodwill Felting. So excited!!