FO: Long Time Traveller

by juneberrystar

One thing I have found very inspirational (if you haven’t noticed) is music. I have a nice appreciation for music even if I’m not the most musically inclined. I’ve sang in a few choirs but nothing serious. In fact when I was younger I was extremely excited about singing but the prospect of singing in front of people ended up unnerving me some how. In the end I always hoped that my voice would be good enough to sing lullabies and that would be good enough for me. A lot of the knitting project titles that I have been working on were inspired by different songs. This project design is called the Wayfarer which means traveller. One of my favorite songs is the “Long Time Traveller” by the Wailin’ Jennys. I’ve included it below. It all seemed very fitting since the friend it was made for lives over seas in Spain and I’ve always kind of latched on to the phrase “all those who wander are not always lost.” It feels like something I’ve experienced the last twenty seven years. I need to find my way. One thing I have always been playing with is getting a tattoo that represents this. I think I have finally found it.

There is something so peaceful and tranquil about this simple design I just love it and feel drawn to it. I originally found it on Pinterest but have included its original link to the image. In the photos of the scarf I’ve made there is a hat that my friend Eliza has designed. You can find her project page for the “Purple Cowboy” on her Ravelry Page.

Here is my link to the “Long Time Traveller” Ravelry Page. I really don’t know what I would do without Eliza’s help with taking these photos. I don’t enjoy taking pictures of myself for public use so its really beneficial for me to have someone else in front of the camera and thankfully we can take some of her 30 for 30 fashion photos for her blog.