Something About You

by juneberrystar

I don’t understand it but something about this story just touches some deep unresolved nerve inside of me. Whether I’m watching the movie or reading the novel I’m always left in quiet sobs. Trust me when I say I don’t really cry when watching movies but there are a few that just pull at my heart and I can’t let go. Maybe all the inconsistencies of my past relationships resound in this one male lead or maybe the love I had for them resonates in the protagonists devotion towards him or maybe its just all that I ever hoped to truly find. I have loved and lost more times than I care to count. It has left me weary to trust new things. When relationships failed in my life I relied heavily on my work to get me through it. Then when work was what caused major problems in my relationships and then eventually ended them makes it hard to trust in that either. Especially, when so many things fall through at once. I guess, then, its the protagonists perseverance and drive that I connect so tightly to… and also for it not to work out.

(Also- ps don’t read into anything more into this than me being sappy over one of my favorite books 🙂 )