London Fog

by juneberrystar

I told you recently that my friend Kourtney was visiting from Nebraska last week. I’m sure the top image is very confusing to you but no we did not go to London. We were walking around downtown shopping for her little girl and doing all things touristy. We had hoped to find something for her mother to bring back but in our last ditch effort to find something we ducked into Argo Tea.

Its basically a tea shop with great seating and a comfortable atmosphere. While deciding what to get I stumbled upon a Vanilla Earl Grey Iced Latte. I just about died. I forgot that people make their tea this way. It changed my life. I found out later at a starbucks they used to call it a London Fog when they offered it on their menu. Its not quite the same but I have officially latched on to a new drink and its surprisingly not coffee.