mmmm delicious

by juneberrystar

I’ve become a little spoiled this week with the amount of time off I’ve had. I love it. I need to save money but it is so nice to be home and get some things done llliiikkkkeee: write to you lovely people. In the middle of March, I was sick for nearly a month. I don’t have a general practitioner so I just toughed it out like an idiot. It was painful. But it burnt me out the last month and a half. So today after work I cooked tacos for serving size of four people so I have plenty of lunches. I also have some homemade pesto pasta. Which is amazing but its better when I get the basil from the garden. Speaking of our garden there is an orange tabby cat who sits outside my window meowing. I’ve tried to catch her a few times to take her to our local shelter but she always runs away when she sees me. I hope its just a game and she’s not hungry. Oh well.

It is so lovely, sitting here with a glass of red wine, my computer and catching up on my craftiness with a silly movie in the back ground (500 Days of Summer). The last month and a half I haven’t been posting, I’ve actually been quite busy knitting and traveling. My family and I went to Door County this past Easter.

For some reason on this trip I kept waking up really early (mainly due to the couch I sleep on can get hard on my hips). This image I photographed is actually a Moon Set on Sturgeon Bay at 4:00am (or 6:30) difficult to remember. It was beautiful. Something I have never seen before. The funny thing about this image is I got complimented on my placement of cloud over the moon. Like I planned it the whole time but I sat there for a half hour trying to make it go away. 🙂



Last, weekend I took a trip back to Door County with my parents and my best friend Eliza and her husband Jake. They started the Platoon of Power Squadron that you see me posting about on occasion. The video below is the update for this web series they did on our trip. yay!! look at me look at me!! (not really…….ignore me)

One thing I have found really unique about Door County is how much of a community the whole peninsula is. I absolutely love the small town feel and the festivals they have through out the summer. Its a dream of mine to start a business up there but that is far off in the future. One of my favorite things about DC is these Barn Quilts a lot of people have on their properties. My mother has more information about them…. so more to come next time about my business plans, barn quilts and project pictures.