Door County Barn Quilts

by juneberrystar

While we were in Door County or (the DC) we call it. I took some pictures of the farms in the area. A lot of them have barn quilts. Which are quite amazing when you see them in person. They are very large and painted on wood planks hanging from the side of barns. This is what I could find from a local website:

Door County Barn Quilts

  • The Door County Barn Quilt project began in 2010 with the following goals:
  • Promote the agricultural heritage of Door County
  • Provide education about the art and history of quilting
  • Highlight the architecture & historical significance of barns throughout Door County
  • Encourage economic development by promoting rural tourism
  • Build adult-youth partnerships through implementation of the project
  • Barn Quilts are large, colorful, painted wooden quilt blocks that range in size from 6′ to 8′ square. Quilt block designs were chosen by the barn owners.
  • The barn quilts were painted by 4-H members and leaders, FFA members and alumni, local quilt guild members and other youth and adult volunteers. The barn quilts were assembled and installed by volunteers who donated their time, talents, equipment and carpentry skills to create a “clothesline of quilts” throughout Door County.


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