FO: Sansa

by juneberrystar

I seem to be working backwards. Sansa is a scarf I made I think two months ago where as I have posted more recent projects the last few days. I mentioned before that Arya and Sansa are characters (sisters) from the television series “Game of Thrones.” Which just ended this past weekend. The pair of scarves names are fitting since Arya went to my Aunt Care and Sansa went to my Mother. Two sisters. I enjoy replicating parts of my life into what it is I am creating. For example: I often pick song titles as titles and then post the lyrics on its Ravelry page. This is not one of those occasions but the next project I’ll be posting soon is called Timshel. Which is a Mumford & Son’s song from their most current album. More to come about that later though. So for now Sansa and Ayra are separated till next season. 🙂 Here is the Ravelry Page.