FO: White Heart

by juneberrystar

I don’t know if you can believe it but I’m still on the fence about this project. Even after its finished. I guess after seeing the actual pattern in person my heart wasn’t really into the design. Though the design is lovely I like the bolder colors with such a simple pattern but it is what it is and at some point I’m sure it will find a home just like all the other odds and ends in my stash of projects. Last week, I saw the new Snow White movie and though it was good I connected to a scene in the movie where the spirit of the forest (White Heart) approached her because of her purity.

Its a symbol that I have worked a lot with and I thought it was fitting that I saw this white deer while working on this project. Mainly because the color name of the yarn is “antler.” Which is very fitting for the soft variation in color. Ravelry Page