Day One of the Crazy Adventure

by juneberrystar

It has been a crazy trip already. As I told you: our travel plans were changed. We decided to drive south to Indianapolis where we ended up stopping for lunch at Sharpiro’s for fairly decent rubens. {mmmm food} Then we proceeded to this massive yarn shop called Mass Ave. I can see why it got five stars. Despite the shire size the selection of yarn was great and they had a huge amount of Malabrigo yarn. SOOOO Jealous. Unfortunately, we weren’t there today or tomorrow when they were having a massive sale. All of their customers brought in scrap yarn. If their bag of scrap yarn was bought they would get a store credit. It was pretty amazing. They also had these spectacular homemade yarn swifts. Its hard to explain them so just check out the gallery below.

Everything above was the smoothest part of our trip. After this point we got hit by this HUGE storm that took out the power for most of Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia boarder….right where we were driving…Seeeeee we should have gone to Cleveland. At this point the mural above is a wishful dream. The storm affected over 40 million people with the power outage. Once we got to our hotel the line to check in was at least fifteen people long. Mostly comprised of locals just trying to escape the heat for an evening. So check out the gallery below. I tried to take a photo of the Virgina and North Carolina welcome signs but I was either too busy driving or navigating. Talk to you all tomorrow for the conclusion on the storm effects.

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