…..Day Two of this Crazy Adventure….

by juneberrystar

This was my yesterday….not that beautiful cute image of a mural…NO!! This mess of a storm caused a lot of damage and it dumped right on top of us alllllllll dddaaayyyy Friday. So Saturday morning, we’re driving through the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains {which were very beautiful}.

We realize that we’re starting to get low on gas. Half of a tank goes by, quarter of a tank and down to an eighth of a tank. We discovered that the power is still off and we’re almost out of gas…. great we’ll be stranded in the middle of no where West Virginia with no way to get gas or come on vacation. Thankfully, after a few mishaps we find the only gas station, within hundred miles, that has power. If you can believe it. I think if it wasn’t for mom we would still be sitting there in that line of cars not moving. She got out to go help direct traffic. As it is, it still took us over an hour just to get to the pump. “Mom to save the day!! Don da Da!”

We did make it by the way. Because of the hour delay we ended up missing most of the traffic that gets really bad coming out to the peninsula.

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{Despite the craziness….please its alright… you can feel jealousy…its alright lol}