by juneberrystar

I never expected to get into the Olympics this year but I have been watching them every night. For the last ten years I haven’t had cable and until recently the world didn’t believe in providing free live footage of the Olympics online. It has been really wonderful watching swimming, gymnastics, equestrian, archery, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis and table tennis. I’m hoping for more water sports like rowing but I fear a lot of this will happen when I’m at work. Anyway, in the spirit of the games I have been working on Christmas projects frantically. Inspired by the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry. Those on Ravelry tend to join a team to compete with but I saw during the opening ceremonies independent countries who only had one person. So that is what I am: an independent country who’s goal is to finish a chunk of her Christmas presents before the two weeks are up.

The first of the projects I can’t give you too much detail but in three days I have had two projects 2/3rds of the way done and the last project 1/8th the way done.