Giving the News

by juneberrystar

Recently, I have discovered a favorite Actress. I have a few that have magically popped up in my life. One of them is Emily Mortimer. Though, I am sure I have seen her in many things I have only taken a real notice to her in the new HBO Series “The Newsroom”. I think the character she plays, Mackenzie MacHale, is so natural for her it really makes her shine. If you haven’t watched the “The Newsroom” it is a very dry but fascinating series on a news cast starting three years ago at a company called ACN. They use pieces of our real history to direct the content of the show. Emily Mortimer plays one of the key characters.

What made me want to post about her is I was watching “Howl’s Moving Castle,”one of my favorite movies, and she is the voice for a Young Sophie. I couldn’t believe it. She has this rich distinct British accent and it made me love her that much more for being apart of that animated feature. I was blown away.

Of course, now since I’ve read more about her she has been in some very well done movies that are very good: Hugo, Shutter Island, Chaos Theory, Paris, te j’aime, Notting Hill and Elizabeth. She is very talented and if you have yet I seriously think you should give “The Newsroom” a chance.