Let them Eat Cake

by juneberrystar

Yesterday, I went thrifting, A thrifting we shall go! Eliza and I were in the dishes and started talking about cake stands. There are some really amazing unique cake stands out there and if I am going to buy/or make one I want it to make a statement. The cake stands above are some of my favorite that I came across for this post but a statement doesn’t have to be anything this flashy. A cake stand could be a perfect white porcelain with a delicious red velvet cake.

1. Blue Floral Hat Box Cake Stand (top left) 2. Coral Cake Stand (bottom left) 3. Tentacle Cake Stand (top middle) 4. Patisserie Cake Stands (middle middle) 5. Wooden Cake Stand (middle bottom) 6. DIY: Cake Stand (far right)

Another, thing I came across was this glass cake stand that had been re-purposed. If and when I get my own place I will be doing this. I have a tendency to kill just about everything other than terrariums. I had one at the last apartment in an apothecary jar but when I moved home I missed it placed it some where in storage; very sad. So I shall make a whole new village in one of my windows.