The Possibly Maybes

by juneberrystar

I am working on a new project for a family friend and these are the choices of baby sweaters I’ve put together for her. Hopefully she will like one of them and/or some of the color variations instead of pink and white. I know these are traditional baby colors but not my favorite to work with. There are so many other adorable colors out there in the world. Here are links on Ravelry: (my favorite is Korrigan in the top center).

1. Baby Surprise Jacket (top left), 2. Korrigan (top center), 3. Baby Surprise Jacket (top right), 4. Playful Stripes Cardigan (middle left), 5. Jasper Diamond Hoodie (center), 6. Kitty Cardigan (middle right), 7. Baby Sweater on Two Needles (bottom left), 8. September Baby Sweater (bottom center), & 9. Baby Surprise Jacket (bottom right).

I went over to Eliza‘s house Friday night and we watched (500) Days of Summer. One of my favorite movies. There are parts of it that I think are just perfect about a post break up turn of events. I think he handled it remarkably well. This movie got me thinking about the July Mix Eliza gave me and it was a perfect idea for me to start. My Jeep Wrangler was made in the middle of technology. It doesn’t have a cassette tape player and doesn’t have an AUX plug in so I’m stuck with a CD player that doesn’t always work. I should put together mixes for each month so I’m not forced to listen to radio (like I’ve been doing). As of September, I will be listing to the soundtrack of (500) Days of Summer.