Full Circle

by juneberrystar

I can’t believe its been a year…at least since I have started this blog. I have had a blog since I was thirteen or fourteen and ironically it because of Eliza that I even maintained it back then. I have always enjoyed writing and putting my thoughts out into the ether but in this last year it was the movie “Julie & Julia” that really inspired me to write my creative perspective. This blog still needs a lot of work but it has grown significantly in the last year. Including the fact, that now this blog is officially registered at http://www.Juneberrystar.com. I am very excited.

Last night, I was watching “Julie & Julia” and I’m having a hard time sticking too it. All I want to do while watching it is work on my blog but since I watch all of my movies on my computer (being the lonely single person that I am) it makes it difficult to do both at the same time. I love this movie. I can’t get over the little successes and the little failures that each of them has to work through.

The first few seconds of the clip above are my favorite. There is such satisfaction from Julia as she finishes cutting the onions. I love those little moments that just make your day a complete success.