Rip it…Rip it…Rip it….

by juneberrystar

Oh Marin…What shall I ever do with you? I’m having a problem with this shawl. The yarn is perfect and the pattern is lovely but even though my gauge is correct I don’t think it will be big enough for me. So I’ve paused on knitting it. There is a wedge in the center of the shawl that I could extend outward to make it longer. My problem is: I have signed up for an advanced knitting class for next week to work on some Christmas stockings and I also have to finish the Playful Strip Baby Cardigan project by October. So what that means is…I have to rip back, which isn’t fun and then leave myself ample notes as to how to move forward with this shawl and put it aside. I hate doing this. Twice now I have put my projects aside for Christmas stockings and it’s making me all pouty….I need to finish my projects!!!!!! I have this horrible habit if I put it down I might not pick it up……Sad Panda….