Oh the obessions I keep

by juneberrystar

I love all things feathers. Growing up I had this fascination with ravens, Edgar Allen Poe and all things dark. I would save feathers I found on the ground (wash them of course) and store them away. I always had this belief they were presents left for me to find. In the last year or so this symbol of a feather has really come back around as something I very much love. To the point this is what I have decided to have as my first tattoo in the center of my back. I haven’t gotten it yet but it will happen…. shhh don’t tell mom 😉

1. Watercolor Feather Painting (top left) 2. Silver Feather Ring (middle far left) 3. Crow Feather Earrings (middle right) 4. Raven Craw Print (bottom left) 5. Bird Tote Bag (bottom right) 6. Sparrow Hawk Feather Painting (top far right) 7. Long Feather Necklace (middle far right) 8. Caribbean Blue Feather Earrings (bottom far right)

You might recognize the Long Feather Necklace from last week. I’m still so excited about this necklace but I need to find a while to keep the oils from my hands from ruining it. Its so beautiful. On a side note, I know that the Bird Tote Bag is no longer available. I’ve tried purchasing one but the designer says the screen is unusable. She has some pretty amazing shirts as well as other totes.

I actually own this T-shirt. It was a present from my mother this past winter and I love it. It goes perfectly with my fall/winter ware. So be sure to click the image for a link to her etsy page.