by juneberrystar

I’ve had an amazing few weeks. Between all of the art fairs I’ve been attending and being surrounded by such talent a gallery contacted me and asked to have some of my knitting in their retail space. I can’t believe it. Re-Invent is a wonderful space I have been following since they opened earlier this spring. So when I got an email from them I was very excited.

While I was there I found some amazing things I had to share. For years I have been collecting the Working Class Studio (a division of SCAD) notebooks. They are so beautiful. I have been buying them for so long at Barnes and Noble I couldn’t believe that I found one with a chevron cover here at Re-Invent.

I have been so interested in chevron’s recently as well as arrows or arrow feathers/arrow heads. Its all related for me and I will continue to post more about this I’m sure but I was thrilled to find this. Its so beautiful. I can’t wait to start writing it in.

Also while I was there, I found and iPad case by Coriumi. I was amazed that they had it. It’s an iPad case that I found on Etsy. I couldn’t believe it. I had favorited it earlier that day and then found it here at this gallery in Lake Forest. In my eyes that is fate. So in the mean time…while I hope to some day own an iPad. I will keep my yarn inside it.